The Man:

King | Warrior | Lover



Why are we doing this?

 - Have you ever felt like you wanted to cry out loud and you could not, because Men don't cry?

- Have you ever felt like you are trapped, or you have been manipulated?

- Have you ever come across a situation in life when you were not understood or not feeling loved or not appreciated?

- Have you ever felt like you were pushed into doing things because of the expectations of others - eg, having a job that does not fulfil you?

 - Are you still in pain from the break up that happened two years ago?

- Or, maybe your inner conflicts are pushing you to use drugs and alcohol which you have no power to fight against?

- Or, you may have simply given up and just drifting in life?


We know that men suffer too, and, at times, they suffer even more than us, women. What the challenge is that there are certain norms that are imposed, where men need to be strong and just overcome their issues… and we know that they want to love, support and understanding.

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, we have great news for you! We have designed a program Specifically for YOU!


Liberation from your past and maximizing your full potential. 


 What will you get?


πŸ† Getting rid of negative emotions attached to your past;

πŸ† Fast liberation from self-limiting beliefs;

πŸ† Getting rid of bad habits;

πŸ†Defining your core Values (chosen area of life);

πŸ† Discovering your gift, purpose and direction;

πŸ† Creating a compelling goal(s) for your future;

πŸ† Developing a strategy for getting your goal(s);

πŸ† Learning the freedom of true Confidence;

πŸ† Mastering the Masculine Energy;

πŸ† Learning Polarity and Relationships;

πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Gentleman set: Essential Style and Manners (bonus).



πŸ‘‘1. The King: Mission, Purpose, Fulfilment.

πŸ‘‘2. The Warrior: Emotional Mastery & Defining your β€œBattle Field”.

πŸ‘‘3. The Lover: Polarity, Style.



6 weeks

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