How to Make Your Life Better. Part 1

Everyone knows that in order for the new to come into life, you need to get rid of the old. And thus, today, I want to discuss de-cluttering.

To begin with, I am offering an affirmation to help increase your energy vibrations.

I am open to new events, people, things and feelings that will make my life better. Let it be so.

Be sure to repeat it as often as possible.

Often to create the reality of your dreams you need to start resetting the past.

Only after de-cluttering you will free energy capacity for new, happy events in your life. Thus, one should start not with a search for a goal. Not with a plan. Not with seeing oneself in 5 years. Not with rituals. But with getting rid of all rubbish on physical, energetic & mental levels.

Uncontrolled hoarding leads to two things:

  • infinite reproducing of the past

  • slowing development/growth.

Divide the space into 4 fronts: home, informational space, thoughts and relationships.

Work on each front separately. The hardest task is de-cluttering of the house. It is better to start here.

There are different approaches to de-clutter. The result is the same - freedom. Freedom from unnecessary things, disturbing memories and negative emotions. After all, every thing accumulates information.

You have clogged cabinets and shelves, but you feel sorry to throw things away. And you are postponing this process for later, thinking you will use these items one day. And from looking at them you get unpleasant feelings.

So, it’s better to start with cleansing the space & throwing items that cause you negative feelings.

Firstly, this should be a one-time event. I do not exclude you will have to do it in several attempts.

Give yourself about 2-3 hours. If you don't see the point, or you're not sure if the result is worth it, you take at least one step - disassemble the clothes.

Secondly, bring all your clothes from all over the house - outwear, everyday, home - in one place. When this whole pile lies in front of you, it is easy to see the surplus.

Start creating separate piles for:

  • Duplicates of things, old things that were once postponed for better times,or for repair.

  • New things, purchased years, decades ago, used once or still with price tags.

  • Former favourites with broken zippers, holes and so on.

Thirdly, take every thing and think whether this thing brings you joy?

The second question is whether you'll wear it?

If the answers to both questions are negative, then all goes to the rubbish bin.

Plus, clothes are easy to get rid of. There are places where they take used things - orphanages, churches.

I don't recommend throwing expensive, beautiful, designer articles you like. You can keep them even if you have not worn for a long time. I noticed that these things will come into vogue in three-four-five years.

Yet, if the expensive thing doesn't suit you, spoils your figure, or is not comfortable, then you need to throw it away or give it to someone.

While throwing clothes away, think that new, fashionable, beautiful items will come to you soon.

I always think so, because the Universe is abundant, and you make room for new things.

Share in the comments about your personal experience of the Spring Cleaning of your life. What did you find the most difficult? What was easy to do? It will be very, very interesting for me to read about your experience in the comments.

With Love,

Oksana Roma

See you soon.