How to Easily Make Your Life Better. Part 2.

Before, we talked about how to make your life better via clearing off your wardrobe.

Now, I offer to go to the mental space. Mental decluttering.

You already know that disorder is not only the physical state of the surrounding space. Each of us carries a burden of psychological problems that block energy. Cleaning them will definitely improve your life on many levels.

  • The first thing you need to do is making a list of all the things you postpone every day for tomorrow. Write them out in a notebook.

Ask yourself this question: why are these things still not done?

When you write in a notebook, specify the final date when you will complete them. Write down all the preliminary steps that you can start to doing today. Follow the plan & cross out the completed.

I love to do the unfinished business. Right away a surge of enormous energy & strength comes to me.

  • Secondly, get rid of anxiety. There is nothing constructive in anxiety. It's an extra waste of energy & the inability to enjoy the present moment. As soon as disturbing thoughts come to you, I create a positive picture in your head.

For example, you are afraid that you will be fired. Imagine a picture of how you are valued and loved at work. You are afraid that you will be sick with something - send the healing energy of your thoughts to your body.

  • Thirdly, fulfil all your commitments. If you promised to do something to someone, but still pull with the implementation, then the time has come. If you do not want or can not fulfil your promise, then tell the person about it. Have courage. Thanks to this, you will not feel guilty and you will block another source of energy pumping out. You will see amazing results straight away.

  • Forth of all, forgive your offenders. I know that sometimes it is easier said than done. Letting go of insults is just as important a detail as brushing your teeth. This does not mean that you should let a person who has hurt you with open arms into your life, not at all. It means not fixing your attention on what the other person has done. Don't you deserve to leave everything behind and start a new full life?

Draw conclusions, promise yourself that you'll no longer have affairs with them. Stop communicating with this person. Be open to new people and acquaintances.

And if that person wants to return you, they will write, call and try to apologise many times. If it does not happen, then everything is clear. It happens sometimes a person needs to be blocked everywhere in social media. Go for that. You will free up so much time and energy for yourself. Do this and feel how another energy binding has fallen off from you.

Mental clutter leads to congestion in our inner world. It gets in the way of being able to think clearly and to focus on what really matters.

Share in the comments about the personal experience of the general cleaning of your life. What did you find the most difficult? What was easy to do?

It will be very interesting for me to read about your experience in the comments.

With Love,