How to Become a Harmonious Woman so You Can Balance the Feminine & Masculine Energy.

About 8-7 years ago, a hype about Feminine energy started in the Internet. And it was like a bomb. The information was super new & became trendy. I began to absorb it like a sponge.

Videos & blogs were preaching that a woman should be soft and compliant with a man. Her strength is in her acceptance. A woman should be compliant, but sly. She should praise the man and push him in the direction she needs. It would be nice if she wore dresses and skirts, since men love it. The purpose of this behaviour was to be stronger than a man. You can get him do what with your softness and pliability. That was the teaching.

The Universe has male and female expressions, and you are no different. Live into that.

I have discovered I was too straightforward with men. My active Yang (male) energy helped me a lot in life. I am a fast decision maker. I am not afraid to do something that goes against the foundations. Yes, I in every way nursed my assertiveness. Thanks to one very wise book I read many years ago, I learned not to chaise men. I realised that I was a trophy, and a man should pursue me.

I started to be softer in relationships with men and flirt more. This allowed my Ying ( female) energy to appear where it was necessary - with a man. And without a man, I would switch back to my Yang active mode. And indeed, men do not like orders, they love when they are asked with a soft voice and a smile. Surely, it helps a lot to stay in your feminine when you wear dresses and skirts. I also held back some remarks to the man, which I wanted to say right away. I learned to bite my tongue.

At the same time, I noticed women, following the trend of femininity, began to cherish illusions about men.

Many women immediately thought this is the way to receive everything they wanted form men. This is how they started to get exactly the opposite - men began avoiding those sort of women. The trend of femininity turned into a game of power. It turned into an act. It turned into a tactical war of sexes.

Yes, much can be obtained from men with the help of affection. We need to remember that their essence cannot be changed.

It is funny how many women thought that with only being affectionate they would turn their lazy husbands into millionaires. And they (women) would need to do nothing else but sit on those husbands' necks.

The information women were receiving from the Internet was taken the wrong way.

Ladies, to turn a weak male into an alpha male is unreal. But to work on yourself, to understand what kind of energy you have, bring it all into balance is a necessity.

On my workshops I am helping you to:

- discover your prime sexual core

- learn about Masculine & Feminine Energies

- build up your confidence

- release negative set up (emotions, blocks, limiting believes)

- learn about the law of Attraction

- obtain your self-worth

- build your relationships paradigm

- discover your values.

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