How to stop depending on the opinions of others so you can be your fantastic self?

Do you ever feel that you can't make your own decision? People tell you what to do and how to do? It feels debilitating, right?

I have found that what other people thought and talked about me was destroying for my career.

It does not matter how many self-development courses you do. Research shows that 3 out of 5 people are dependant on the opinions of others. It is daunting. With years all it does is an accumulation of guilt and anger.

And today I will share with you how to stop this ungrateful game.

And like you, I want a simple answer to this question. You need to find your own opinion. And that is all. I answered.

And then the next question arises - where is this "your own" or how to find it?

Let's make it a little bit complicated.

When you were little you were dependent on someone else's opinion. It is human nature. When a person is in the stage of a child, they don't have to, they must depend on the opinions of others. This is the only form for survival.

When a child begins to show their own opinion, to fight with all, this does not mean that they express their opinion. No, they are against all opinions in general, because there are two extremes:

1. Against all opinions.

2. Listen to all opinions

Where is this balance here?

For immature age, there is only one extreme - complete dependence on any opinion. Up to the age of 7, you are a dependent person. Then you start to grow up. Growing up for me is the ability to take responsibility. The ability to take responsibility for your words, your actions, behaviour, thoughts. But this is for more mature.

You stop depending on the opinion of others when you take responsibility for:

1. the words you give to others. If you say it - do it.

2. the words you give to yourself (even not in the presence of others).

Thus, the only way to get out of the vicious circle of this dependence is to grow up. Little by little. To take responsibility for your thought processes, your verbal procedure, your actions.

The principle is very simple.

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With Love,

Oksana Roma