3 Tips on How to Beat Laziness FAST!

You were born lucky if you are always highly productive and you consider productivity and hyperactivity to be your second nature. But what if you do not have that natural ability to be super energised all the time and you find yourself more more

Laziness is the condition that happens while you are fighting with your own self. As a result wins nobody. But a huge amount of energy is being wasted on this battle.

You can call it laziness, incompetence, or idleness, but if a person does not do anything when he needs to do it, it is often considered a sign of weakness. However, this is not always the case. To cope with laziness is easy enough, you just need to set goals correctly and understand what prevents you from starting work.

Regardless of what your work ethic is, I am sure there were times in your life when you were just not able to move and do what needed to be done. And many of you are going through that “lazy phase” of life right now.

But what if you have these attacks of laziness at work? Sometimes laziness can be caused by boring routine or conflicts with people. In addition, laziness can also attack from injustice: if you think that a whole team should perform the task, but only you are entrusted with it. As a result, you feel overwhelmed and you have no desire to do anything at all.

While, I think sometimes it is OK to just freeze and do nothing, sleep in or watch some Netflix, it is a great skill to obtain to know how to snap yourself out of that mode. You want to have that magic trick skill, don’t you? And, according to my observation, laziness walks along side depression, low self-esteem. discouragement, self-doubt and it is just super pathetic.

If Laziness is something you want to tame and tackle, here are my 3 top tips:

  1. Attention focus shift. Do something for another person.

You can live your life very simply, thinking that everything is fine: your cheap house, your lack of proper food, your loneliness, your pathetic surrounding. And you think it is fine until after you meet someone for whom you want to make an effort, be better, look better. This is when you start to realise that it is not just about you. Because, all of a sudden you are making yourself to do something for another person!
And your focus of attention shifts. You start helping your mum or dad, you help a friend to move houses, you rush to another side of the city to baby sit your nephew. And, wow, you are already successfully dealing with laziness.

2. Have the goals set. Write them down, keep them visible.

I know you have already heard it so many times, but if it was not true or if it was not working, nobody would be talking about this strategy.

For short term goals it is the best to have the time frame written as well. it stimulates and it motivates you greatly. And, it also gives the mind a reference point of shifting the thinking pattern. As soon as you sit down at the computer to start browsing on Facebook and waste time, you eyes can see the written goals and you will feel the rush of Adrenalin and maybe excitement, or, perhaps, even a little bit if fear or anxiety - they are the feelings that push you to act. Laziness will keep you static.

3. Cheer yourself up.

You are the only trainer and coach for yourself, therefore it is important not only to motivate, but also to praise yourself. “I deserve a break, I strive for my goal, I have achieved something” - all this can be said out loud or silently. You can even reward yourself for small achievements. Simple rewards - extended break, watching your favourite movie or favourite candy bar.

I would like to know how you deal with laziness. What are your super tips?

With Love,

Oksana Roma

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