The Simple Secrets of Life

"How can you create great things living in chaos?"

I heard this phrase in a lecture once. A young girl asked the lecturer about why she could not choose what she wants to do in life? Why nothing was bringing her joy or satisfaction? Why was she feeling so lost? Why could not she find a boyfriend?

I guess these type of questions are the ones that many of us are asking if not ourselves, then somebody whom we confide in. I was listening attentively to what the answer was going to be.

To the great surprise of mine and others, including the girl who asked the questions, the presenter asked her how often she mops the floors in her apartment.


Really? What does that have to do with finding the right job, boyfriend, earning money?

But it does have a lot to do with it. I do not believe in accidents. You see, nothing in life happens by chance. Your working place, your bedroom, your kitchen, your house, your car - they all represent the condition of your heart and soul. Your inner world, let's say. The more cluttered they are, the less sense of purpose you feel.

Like this, a simple answer has a deep philosophical meaning. Just clean your space, and you will, therefore, clear your thoughts. Make an effort.

And if you now do not have something that you want, chances are that you did not deserve it (yet).

And, yes, he also added that very often we do not get what we think we want simply because we are not being able to be grateful for what we already have.

What are the simple secrets of life:

  1. Clean your house/car.

  2. Express gratitude for what you have.

Yes, it sounds too easy. And this is exactly why so many of us choose not to do it.

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With Love,

Oksana Roma

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