Are You a Unique Person?

On rare occasions, you may meet a unique person who dramatically alters your perceptions of the world and yourself. How does that make you feel? What thoughts does it bring to you? What discoveries are happening in the depth of your essence?

You always know when that person is in your life. And you are wondering, and admiring them. It may even happen, that encountering a person like that will bring up dormant fear.

Today I want to bring your awareness to the self and tell you a few words about your own uniqueness.

What makes you special? What makes you unique?

Scientifically, there are at least two approaches to it: The Biological You and The Social (Environmental) You. While every single aspect is important in building that specific peculiarity of yours ( DNA, HLA, Bio-metrics, Culture, Environment, Health, Faith), I came to the point that what makes you remarkable is the condition of the relationship between your SOUL and your MIND.

“Who you are authentically is alright.” - Laverne Cox

We live by stereotypes. We learn to believe in certain qualities and aspects before we develop the ability of critical thinking. We live by associations. We develop a unique potential of judging others just like our parents or carers did or do. We advance in making assumptions, we live by modelling others, we copy/paste other people’s successes and maybe failures at times as well. And it is not good or bad. It is how we live.

But what if you knew that regardless of your DNA, colour, gender, geography, physical looks and health, you are already special. You have no replicas.

What makes you remarkable and extraordinary is how you feel about yourself. And how you feel about yourself is how you communicate your soul to your mind. If you only let the mind rule, I am very sceptical of believing in your reaching the blissful happiness in this life.

What do I mean when I say how you communicate your soul and your mind? It is a simple concept. It merely means, that when you make choices (when you choose what to think, what to believe about yourself and others), decisions (when you decide what to think, believe about yourself and others), when you make actions - you know that inside it is exactly what YOU want to do and your soul/heart/gut is happy.

For example, when you marry someone because it will give you financial security and it will give you a good social status, but not because you do it from the bottom of your heart, chances are that both of you will end up in a turmoil of negativism and difficulties. When you help someone with the thought that you are doing a good act so that you will get some “karma bonus” - it’s poor communication between your soul and your mind.

I would highly recommend for you not to force yourself and not to question yourself each time you do or intend to do something. On the contrary, I would only suggest for you to listen to the rustle of your soul - knowledge that whisper and pay attention to it’s lightest moves.

And, work on your emotional memories, release the luggage of the past. To be light. To be free . To be ready to notice that whisper of your soul, because in most cases it will come to you as a lisp.

And then, on that rare occasion, you will meet that unique person who will change your whole world and that person will be YOU. And you are unique, are not you?

With Love,

Oksana Roma

Your Empowerment Angel

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