How to Be Unforgettable or What Men Love About Women


Presumably, we know how to be unforgettable, don’t we? We were not born yesterday and we have played this game of attraction, relationships, dating, marriage. Of course.

I have read so many books on the topic of Femininity and Masculinity, and watched many videos, and read numbers of articles, and from each I get something valuable that I agree with. And sometimes, to my surprise, there is going to be something there that I critically disagree with.

I consider myself a lucky woman, because I am a vivid embodiment of femininity and it evolved naturally. I,however, did go though the stage of social conditioning and confusion. For example, for about 20 years of my life I strongly believed that women do not drive. I now do drive and I do it in a very feminine manner, especially when it comes to parking - that is when I use my charm asking men to help me sometimes, and YES they love being asked to help and NO I do not feel like I am “incompetent, silly, or crazy” because my parking is not always 10/10.

On the contrary, it boosts my sense of femininity and I generously make some random men heroes, which boosts their sense of masculinity. Naturally. Because it brings about the main in men - sense of purpose. Men need women to help them feel masculine.

“What attracts men to women on a fundamental level, is a woman’s femininity” - Matthew Hussey.

And I am willing to share my tips on how to be unforgettable:

  1. Never stop being a girl. it is not about the age, the clothes, the make up or the hair style - yes, these things help a lot. Although, what will imprint you into his neurology is your energy and your vibration, your vividness, your playfulness, your radiance.

  2. Ask for help. No… not because you do not know how to do it yourself or you can’t do it yourself. Of course you can! But sometimes, just for the sake of it ask a man to help you. To fix your Internet connection or the printer (if it`s in the office), or ask him to help you make breakfast - he will feel so needed!

  3. Accept help when it`s offered by a man! Now, this is important - when he offers to help with something it s not because he thinks that you are a disaster at doing things on your own, it is because he wants to feel accepted. Again, it does not mean that you need to always say YES. Be reasonable. Understand the motives underneath. True mature masculine is all about service.

  4. Work on your confidence! No, not to overpower him or to humiliate him, or to emasculate him. But a confident woman is super attractive to a man. Despite some stereotypes, men don’t really want a demure, submissive woman. Men (the real ones) prefer a female partner who knows the value of who she is.

  5. Work on your mood - a man wants a happy playful woman next to him, that is where his rigid masculinity can relax and enjoy the “colours of life”. Emanate happiness. Let it shine in your eyes. Give him those smiles, those giggles, those cute noises you make when you are happy.

  6. Have grace and self-respect. These two walk along with dignity. Men love dignity and grace in women. Men love that you are a lady and that they can be so proud of you!

  7. Be open with him. Open up to your man. A man in masculine exists to open you up to love. He feels fulfilled and accomplished when his woman shares her pains, concerns and worries with him. It makes him feel special. And if he feels special with you, there is no doubt - you are a very special woman for him!

  8. Be natural, be true, live your core and know your value. Even though you think that fake lips make you attractive, fake femininity, fake behaviour, fake laughter, fake love and care make you extremely unattractive to men.

Never stop discovering your edges, grow and evolve, learn and live your truth.
You are beautiful the way you are. You are complete the way you are. You are unique.

It is so important to be the true you, because it makes your heart swell and it creates the energetic field around you which attracts people with similar energy. It makes you ultimately the one and only.
Be Unforgettable!

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I am looking forward to read your opinions, comments and suggestions regarding this post.

Make Yourself a Priority

With Love,

Oksana Roma